Sample Videos
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Types of Videos

Your Video Viewer offers many different types of Video Creation Options. You can Upload a video yourself or Video Viewer can help you create a Cartoon, White Board, or a Standard Video.

Standard Video

Standard Videos are recorded with a HD camera and typically films you and your pitch. Video Viewer will put some final touches on it to make you look Professional.

Here is a Sample Standard Video by Lisa Nicole Cloud:


Cartoon Video

Cartoon Videos are created by Your Video Viewer. They are extremely effective and can be very useful. They are a little more expensive than some want to pay so a White Board Animated Video is an alternate option.

Here is a Sample Cartoon Video for Boresha Coffee:


White Board Animation

White Board Animation is a new technique in which you can make a Professional Video without breaking the bank. The great thing is that these types of videos allow for a good bit of flexibility in content, creation time, and technique. 

Here is a Sample White Board Animation we did for the Real Estate Industry: